Mandate, Mission and Values


4 Corners Immigration Solutions has the mandate to support you.

Under Canada’s federal system, the administration of immigration is an area of sometimes shared jurisdictions between the federal government and the provinces. 4 Corners Immigration Solutions supports YOU and include in our responsibilities areas of the federal law by ensuring national legal framework principally within the domains of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

4 Corners Immigration Solutions also supports the CIC specifically following legal advice provided by the Government and all federal government departments and agencies.  We will represent you to the Crown if required in civil litigation and before administrative tribunals, drafts legislation.  We will respond to the other legal needs of federal departments and agencies as required in your files.

4 Corners Immigration Solutions will help you link immigration services with citizenship registration.  We want to help build a stronger Canada.  A stronger Canada – a safe and secure country with a shared bond of citizenship and values; a country that continues to support our humanitarian tradition and draws the best from the world to help build a nation that is economically, socially and culturally prosperous.


The Mission of 4 Corners Immigration Solutions is to:

  • Support you in working to ensure that your file is a just and law-abiding application with an accessible, efficient and fair process;
  • Provide high-quality legal services and counsel to the government and to client departments and agencies; and
  • Promote respect for your rights and freedoms, the law and the Constitution;
  • Facilitate the arrival of people and their integration into Canada in a way that maximizes their contribution to the country;
  • Protecting refugees and people in need of protection;
  • Enhance the values and promote the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship
  • Advancing global migration policies in a way that supports Canada’s immigration and humanitarian objectives.
  • Values

    People: 4 Corners Immigration Solutions strength comes from all members of our team, and YOU of course, committed to working together on the basis of mutual trust, support and respect.

    Integrity and fairness: As your Representative, we are committed to respecting and obeying the law and upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness.

    Service: We aim for excellence an constructive contributions in serving YOU, our client, and the Government.   4 Corners Immigration Solutions is committed to delivering high quality legal advisory, litigation, and legislative and regulatory drafting services as demonstrated by timeliness, responsiveness and usefulness in accordance with our well established service standards.